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Another part of the project Via Benedictina on the way is special program for families with children. In cooperation with polish organization Fundacja w Paski is formed the children section with cards in pdf to print. On the cards will be variety of different task for kids to each of the monasteries which will presents place in interesting and on the perception level of the kids. It will have great educational value and it will be help for partners, who want to visit some historic places, but they are afraid, that their children might get bored. 

Documents to download

Bakonybel HU
Břevnov CZ
Broumov CZ
Hronský Beňadik SK
Ják HU
Lubin PL
Mogilno PL
Pannonhalma HU
Rajhrad CZ
Tihany HU
Třebíč CZ
Tyniec PL
Wstep PL

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