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Playful, funny and remarkable - our summer educational workshops for children. Programs will show your children interesting facts about nature, history, art or world of movies. You can choose from these types of workshops: Story of the Corn, Flora, Thread and Shroud, Memory of the Grain, Charming Water, Hidden Camera, Beautiful Baroque.

Reservations have to be made a day before the workshop til 3 pm. 

We meet at 8:45 AM in front of the monastery Café Dientzenhofer.

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Summer movie workshop for children  28.7. and 16.8.2016 from 9 AM 150 CZK / child / 6 hours Info and reservations:


Story of the Corn

How our forefathers used to harvest the crop? What instruments they worked with? Explore the history of flora, nature and agriculture in our region... Length of program: 2 hours.  Fee: 60 CZK / child Information and reservations:...


Thread and Shroud

What material was used for your t-shirt or trousers? What is the difference between cotton, wool or silk? Explore the history of a textile production in our region by funny and playful form.  Length of program: 1,5 hour. ee: 60 CZK /...



Summer workshop for children / Theme: Flowers Length of program: 1,5 hours.  Fee: 60 CZK / child Information and reservations:


Water water

Summer workshop for children 12.7.2016 from 9 AM 60 CZK / child Registration: one day before, till 3 PM


Broumov region in a hidden camera

Summer workshop for children 19.7. and 11.8.2016 from 9 AM Prize: 60 CZK / child Info and reservations:


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