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Visit the pearl of the baroque architecture with a unique copy of the Turin Shroud and the place where the Codex Gigas, or so-called the Devil’s Bible was placed for more than 200 years.

Visitors of the guided tour will see the most interesting places of the monastery:

- the refectory with a unique copy of the Turin Shroud - piece of cloth in which Jesus was wrapped after being removed from the cross and this copy is the only one northerly from the Alps.

- the monastic library with 17 thousand historical books, old prints, a treasurable globe and beautiful ceiling frescoes

- the Sacristy

- the monastic Church of St. Adalbert undoubtedly belonging among the most beautifully decorated churches in Europe with several various reliquaries, i.e. boxes containing the remains of the saints, for example the reliquary of St. Adalbert, Lawrence of Rome, Clement and many others. In 1999 a copy of the Turin Shroud was found here. 


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